The Power of Motion

What would happen if we started putting our bodies in motion each day? What would happen if we stopped sitting so much, depending on so many conveniences, and rather used our own bodies to complete our tasks?

We often don’t realize the amazing power in moving our bodies! Regular movement provides the solution to many of our daily physical ailments. If we started moving intentionally at least 30 minutes per day (brisk walking, biking, playing a sport, fitness classes, etc.) we would notice free benefits right away:

  • An increased amount of energy throughout the day
  • Higher quality of sleep; a greater sense of feeling rested
  • An improved self-image
  • Positive thoughts
  • Improved mental functioning: increased productivity
  • An automatic desire to eat healthier foods

If we managed to adhere to a regular routine of physical activity (daily, intential movement!), we would continue to experience numerous health benefits (some visible, some invisible):

  • Reduced incidence of heart disease and high blood pressure by approximately 40%.
  • Improved cardiorespiratory functioning
  • Better control of body fat (fat/weight loss)
  • Improved immune function
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Increased flexibility/better joint health
  • Approximately 40% reduction in the risk of developing Alzheimer’s desease
  • Reduced risk of mortality
  • Approximately 50% reduction in the risk of recurrent breast cancer
  • 58% reduction in the risk of developing type two diabetes

The list of benefits goes on and on, and the best part about it is moving your body is free! You do not need expensive gym memberships or equipment. All you need is to engage your own body in simple movements that you enjoy!

Inactivity is killing people around the world. According to the World Health Organization, physical inactivity constitutes the fourth leading cause of death globally. That is 3.3 million people per year! This is a great cause of concern.

Our bodies were created to move! Every second of every day, there is constant movement within our bodies. The heart pumps blood throughout the circulatory system, and rythmic contractions of the diaphragm muscles pull oxygen into our lungs. Our bodies are miracles of God’s creation. Let’s make a commitment today to move at least 30 minutes each day to reap its many free benefits, to fight the current epidemic of inactivity, and to set an example for our families and communities.

There truly is ‘Power in Motion,’ so let’s start moving today!