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Do you have a dry mouth? You may have Xerostomia. This month, Dr. Doyle Nick explains what Xerostomia is, why you should be aware of it, and what you and your care providers can do to prevent it.

Talk To Your Children

Many parents don't want to talk to their kids about sex, hoping they will learn what they need to know without having to bring up the topic. That lack of conversation can lead kids to find the information from friends...

Vitamins and Your Health

Vitamins are essential for good health and longevity! Right? Absolutely. But are vitamin supplements helpful? You can buy them everywhere, but do they make a real difference? In this episode, Dr. Elvin Adams describes how that question was answered in...


With Fall around the corner, it's harvest time in many gardens and that means lots of greens are available. Do you know how good they are for you? This month, Evelyn Kissinger show you how she likes cooking greens and...

Regular Exercise

For many, physical activity is an on-again-off-again event. Digging a ditch in the summer or shoveling snow a few times in the winter. New research demonstrates that episodic exercise brings with it significant risks. Regularity in exercise, as in most...

A Little Alcohol

Alcohol use is quite popular in the press and medical press. Yet this month, Dr. Peter Landless takes a look at why even a little alcohol shouldn't be used.

Soda or Water

While many people drink soda, scientists are seeing that in addition to the extra carbs and higher blood sugar levels, the sweet, sugary drinks cause an increase in blood pressure!


It is amazing how good lifestyle adjustments can alter the outcomes of diabetes. Learn how sleep, a good breakfast, lots of fruits and vegetables and exercise can help control this costly disease.


 Nuts are good for your health, but not too many! Learn some easy ways to estimate how many nuts you should be eating each day

Adventist Health Study

In this episode, Gary Fraser, Adventist Health Study principle investigator, shares some of the early findings from Adventist Health Study 2.

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