Smoking Makes You Foolish

Most people know that it is foolish to smoke cigarettes. Smoking causes heart attacks, emphysema, and several kinds of cancer. Now it is known that smoking also makes you stupid.

Studies in the past have indicated that smoking increases the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia and dementia caused by small strokes. Now, a new study on the effects of smoking on mental decline has revealed the effects of smoking on the brain.

This study enrolled 5099 men and 2137 women who were employees of the British Civil Service in London, England. The average age at the beginning of the study was 56. The number of cigarettes smoked was recorded over the 10 years of the study. 

Five different tests of mental function were administered repeatedly over the years, including tests of memory, executive function, and vocabulary. 

While the scores of all people went down over time, the rate of mental decline in smokers was twice as fast as that in nonsmokers. On average, current smokers had a mental function similar to nonsmokers 10 year older. Results revealed a clear dose-response relationship: the more a person smoked, the faster the mental decline. 

People who had been off cigarettes for at least 10 years exhibited mental function similar to nonsmokers. It pays to quit while you are young! If you don’t have the will to quit, look to the Lord for the strength you need. The Bible says, “Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” Psalm 105:4 (NKJV)

It has been clearly known for at least 60 years that it is foolish to smoke. Now it is clear that smoking increases the rate of mental decline. Quit smoking now.  You will never get a chance like this again.