Scrupulosity is an obsessive compulsive psychiatric disorder (OCD) characterized by religious or moral obsessions. This can be devastating for persons of faith who are not able to fully accept the forgiveness of their sins. They may have recurrent blasphemous thoughts or focus obsessively on a particular sin they have committed in the past.Little girl counting and counting the stones.

These people frequently seek reassurance from clergy or indulge in excessive confession of the same sin over and over again. They may seek intercessory prayer on their own behalf since they feel their own prayers are not answered.

Medication is often helpful for many with OCD. For those suffering from scrupulosity, it can be particularly helpful to repeat scripture promises of forgiveness. Try to focus on the forgiveness and not the sin. Good examples of texts to memorize are: 1 John 1:9, Micah 7:19, Psalms 32:1, Psalms 86:5, and Jeremiah 31:34.