Vitamin D May be Really Good for the Grey Matter!

Evidence is accumulating that Vitamin D deficiency may be linked to adverse cognitive performance. Research just released by University of Manchester (England) investigators has found that men with higher blood levels of Vitamin D performed consistently better in simple and sensitive neuropsychological tests that assess a person’s attention and speed of information processing.

More than 3000 men aged 40-79 from eight test centers across Europe were enrolled in the study. Lead author Dr. David Lee said: “The main strengths of our study are that it is based on a large population sample and took into account potential interfering factors, such as depression, season and levels of physical activity.”

Positive Tip: Make sure you get sufficient Vitamin D in your lifestyle. Milk and soy milk fortified with Vitamin D are great sources. A healthy dose of sunshine daily (30-45 minutes) will also help.