Chocolate Consumption May Lower Mortality After First Heart Attack.

Is chocolate really good for you? A recently published study seems to lend credibility to that claim. Investigators of the Stockholm Heart Epidemiology Program have reported that self-reported chocolate consumption in non–diabetics had a strong inverse association with cardiac mortality following a first acute myocardial infarction when compared with those never eating chocolate. The most favorable results were experienced by eating chocolate once or twice per week, but consuming it less than once per month benefitted also. Subjects were followed for hospitalizations and mortality for 8 years. Unfortunately, this study only assessed chocolate consumption once at the time of the first admission. More research is needed to reach firm conclusions.

PositiveTip: While chocolate may better the odds after a heart attack, following a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity, a wholesome diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and minimal amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol will lower your risk of the first one.