Humble Helpers

Humility is a human social characteristic that hasn’t been extensively studied. Studies recently conducted at Baylor University in Texas have shown that the presence of humility in a person’s life is a marker for being especially helpful to other people.

College students were evaluated by several psychological measures that included specific tools to identify the humble. Next, all subjects were asked to volunteer to help another student with studies because an injury prevented him from attending class.

The humble students offered to be of assistance more sessions per week and longer hours than any other group. The least likely to be helpful were those who were identified as being arrogant, immodest, egotistical and conceited.

In this study humility uniquely predicted helping behavior. The Bible declares that the humble will do the ways of God because God is teaching the humble.“The humble He guides in justice, and the humble He teaches His way.” Psalm 25:9 (NKJV)

Ellen White at 19th century health reformer clarifies how this works, “The humble worker who obediently responds to the call of God, may be sure of receiving divine assistance. The Lord is a mighty helper. If the workers will rely wholly upon Him, He will accomplish a great work through them.”–Historical Sketches, p. 182 

As the humble learn to be increasingly helpful.  Angels are observing and create opportunities for even more service. Mrs. White continues, “So today while the humble worker for God is following his employment, angels of God stand by his side, listening to his words, noting the manner in which his work is done, to see if larger responsibilities may be entrusted to his hands.” Help in Daily Living, p. 17

Be humble it will make you more helpful.  Be more helpful and it will help keep you humble.