Bible Reading Helps with Weight Loss

Hands holding a worn Bible.Across the United States nearly 2/3 of adults are overweight or obese. Science has proven that obesity leads to a variety of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. People try to change their weight through diets, supplements, commercial programs, and surgery. But what if other methods could help as well?

A Best Weigh program was recently conducted in Crowley, Texas. During a 10-week program, 24 participants studied the Bible 612 times. Researchers compared the number of Bible study days of those who lost more than ten pounds with the number of Bible study days of those who lost less than 10 pounds. 

Those who lost more than 10 pounds had studied their Bibles 287 days compared with the 107 days of study by those who lost less than 10 pounds of weight. The study’s conclusion? The more you study your Bible, the more likely you are to be successful in losing weight.

The Bible is a like a letter from God to us. Those who study the Bible can find assistance for many life issues, including weight loss. Daily Bible study on passages relevant to self-control, personal discipline and appetite control has been found to be an independent predictor of successful weight loss in Best Weigh programs from coast to coast. Best Weigh is a faith-based program which also encourages prayer and daily contact with believers who offer support and encouragement.  

Bible study has power to help with weight management. If this is something you’d like, try starting by reading these verses: 

This is my comfort in my affliction,
For Your word has given me life.
 Psalm 119:50 (NKJV)

Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path. 
Psalm 119:105 (NKJV)

I am afflicted very much;
Revive me, O LORD, according to Your word.
 Psalm 119:107 (NKJV)

Direct my steps by Your word,
And let no iniquity have dominion over me.
 Psalm 119:133 (NKJV)