Watching TV Will Make You Diabetic

Watching TV will Make You Diabetic Watching TV is bad for your health. Watching TV will make you diabetic. Here is the story. The TV viewing habits of more than 50,000 women from 11 states were recently analyzed as part of the Nurses’ Health Study.TV Diabetes

During six years of observation, 1515 of these formerly healthy women developed diabetes. The TV viewing habits of these women were factored in with interesting results.The women who watched 40 hours of TV per week were twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes over the 6 year period compared with those who only watched 1-2 hours of TV per week.

Reduced to a simple formula, for every 2 hour per day increase in TV viewing there was a 14% increase in diabetes. See graph at right.

So, if you watch a lot of TV you had better get you blood sugar checked regularly. TV viewing can lead to diabetes.