Too Fat to Fly

Kevin Smith, a well known actor/director, was kicked off a Southwest Air flight on Saturday, February 13, 2010 because he didn’t fit comfortably into the airplane seat.  He was too fat to fly.Airplane on way to beautiful paradise.

A lifestyle of gluttony imposes some limits that can’t be escaped. It’s more than a physical condition, it’s also a spiritual one. The saddest result of overeating may well be getting left behind on the flight to heaven. Ellen White, a 19th century health reformer made this comment about the results of gluttony

“Thousands have indulged their perverted appetites, have eaten a good meal, as they called it, and as the result, have brought on a fever, or some other acute disease, and certain death…. Yet many have done this, and these self-murderers have been eulogized by their friends and the minister, and carried directly to heaven at their death.

“What a thought! Gluttons in heaven! No, no; such will never enter the pearly gates of the golden city of God. Such will never be exalted to the right hand of Jesus, the precious Saviour, the suffering Man of Calvary, whose life was one of constant self-denial and sacrifice.” Counsels on Diet and Food p. 125

So why not practice some self-denial, eat less and exercise more? Don’t miss the last flight out!