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Fraudulent Flu Products

There are no legally marketed over-the-counter products to prevent or cure the flu.

Here are some claims from the Food and Drug Administration that may indicate an over-the-counter flu (OTC) product is fraudulent:

  • boosts your immunity naturally without a flu shot
  • safe and effective alternative to the flu shot
  • prevents catching the flu
  • faster recovery from the flu
  • effective treatment for the flu
  • faster recovery from the flu

PositiveTip: Avoid fraudulent products that could delay you getting a proper diagnosis and treatment--save money, too!

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Manage Inflammation to Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk

A healthy diet and weight lowers inflammation and reduces risk of colon cancer.

When a tissue is chronically inflamed it often stimulates pathways in the cells that increase cancer risk. Eating colorful foods that are aromatic, nutrient-dense and low in calories tend to reduce inflammation and help protect against colorectal cancer. Healthy eating also tends to promote a healthy weight. Stored fat in the belly may play a strong role in inflammation, increasing the risk of the same cancer.

PositiveTip; Tackle inflammation with a healthy diet and weight control, and have regular screenings.

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Binge Drinking in the U.S.,

U.S. adults consume about 17.5 billion total binge drinks annually.

Researchers from CDC studied data from 400,000 U.S. adults and found 1 in 6 U.S. adults (17%) binge drink more than one time per week. Binge drinking is defined as 5 or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women at one occasion. This accounts for 80,000 annual deaths. Binge drinking is a problem across the lifespan and is more common among men than women.

PositiveTip: Choosing to avoid any alcohol will prevent you from binge drinking, too!

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Cigar Smoking Raises All-cause Mortality

All forms of combustible tobacco pose health risks to the user.

There are some who smoke cigars because they think they are not as harmful  as cigarettes. A 26 year study of almost 360,000 U.S. adults, found those who exclusively smoked cigarettes experienced twice the risk of never-smokers. The all-cause mortality of those who exclusively smoked cigars was 20% higher than never-smokers, but each group of smokers had a significantly elevated risk of dying from tobacco related cancers.

PositiveTip: No safe form of tobacco exists!

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New Questions About the IQOS System

Smokeless tobacco device may not live up to safety claims.

The "I Quit Original Smoking" (IQOS) smokeless tobacco device may not be as safe as the manufacturer claims. Researchers evaluated its performance under several different puffing protocols as well as cleaning conditions. They found it is not fully a "heat-not-burn" system, as the tobacco did char, and the plastic film used to cool the vapor easily released a toxic chemical. This device is available internationally but not in the U.S.

PositiveTip: Quit smoking all forms of tobacco. It is still the safest option!

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Video: Exercise Can Change Your Brain

Working out boosts your mood and memory.

Watch neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki as she discusses the life-changing benefits of physical activity on the most important organ in your body--your brain! You will be inspired by watching this short, fascinating video!

PositiveTip: Take a 30 minute walk every day for your heart and brain!

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Excess Weight Leads to a Shorter Life

The "obesity paradox" may not be a real benefit.

Taking a life-course perspective, researchers have found obesity results in a shorter lifespan and an increased risk of cardiovascular (CVD) morbidity and mortality compared with those with a normal BMI (weight). Overweight men and women of all ages developed CVD at a younger age and spent more years living with it, despite not living as long.

PositiveTip: Maintaining a healthy BMI significantly improves quality of life, functional capacity, and decreases disability.

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E-cigarettes not so Harmless

Teens who use e-cigarettes exposed to carcinogens.

Carcinogen metabolites have been found in the urine of teens who used only e-cigarettes on an average of 13 times per month. The study group included those who both smoked cigarettes and e-cigarettes--their levels were even higher. 

PositiveTip: Contrary to tobacco industry claims, teenagers must be warned about the potential risk of e-cigarettes.

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Warning: Avoid "Miracle Mineral Solution"

Again, the dangers of fake cures!

Also promoted as "Miracle Mineral Supplement" (MMS), this product when used as directed produces an industrial bleach (chlorine dioxide) that is very toxic. It is distributed on the internet and claims to treat many unrelated diseases warns the FDA (2010). An autistic child in Indianapolis has been removed from home because the mother reportedly learned on a Facebook group that MMS could heal her child. She was adding MMS to the child's food.

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Healing from Emotional Pain

Can a broken heart be fixed?

Today is known as Valentine's Day around the world--celebrated with cards, greetings, special favors, chocolate, and loving expressions. Yet for many, this day is empty and meaningless--maybe completely opposite of its intended purpose. Most of us experience deep heartbreak at some point in our lives. If that is where you find yourself today, take a few minutes to watch psychologist Guy Winch talk about fixing a broken heart. We think you will find it very helpful.

PositiveTip: May your day be filled with joy, happiness, and true love!