The Media and Sleep

Scared mature womanThe report from the Kaiser Family Foundation goes on to discuss possible nightmares and new forms of media.

Media use and nightmares: Research has shown that many children may experience nightmares resulting from something they viewed on TV or in an electronic game, and most children have young children who view to this kind of media do not find it relaxing.

On the other hand, there are also new television programs that have been specifically created to calm children down and help them fall asleep, and are promoted to parents as such.

Are the new forms of media use influencing sleep in different ways?

Many of the insights derived from research on television viewing probably carry over to newer forms of media centered around electronic games, computers, text messaging, and the Internet. Yet there are many attributes of these new media that might make their effects on sleep more intense, or at least different.

Many of these newer forms of media involve the participant more interactively (e.g., electronic games, instant messaging), involve closer physical proximity to a light source (e.g., Web-surfing), or involve more interpersonal and emotional saliency (e.g., MySpace surfing, instant messaging).

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