Support Teens Need (part 3)

More on youth development and the 40 Developmental Assets as described by the Search Institute. This post concludes the first section on Support Teens Need

5) School Climate: where school provides a caring, encouraging environment.
If you find out your teen is bullying or being bullied, don’t add stress by showing your anger, fear, or disappointment.

First listen carefully and respectfully while your child explains her or his point of view. Then work together to make a plan to solve the problem.

Talk with your kids — ask about their friends, about what it’s like to ride the bus or walk through the lunchroom. Keep talking and asking questions, even when they don’t seem anxious to respond. If you know or find out that bullying is going on where your child attends school, or in a congregation or other organization, be sure to report it.

6) Involvement in Schooling: where parent(s) are actively involved in helping teens succeed in school.

Just one recommendation here: Get involved in your kids’ school!