Risks of Dyslipidemia Begin Early in Life

Dyslipidemia (unhealthy total, LDL and HDL cholesterol levels) leads to coronary artery disease in middle-aged and older people. Two decades of research on 3200 young adults (18-30 yrs. old) has revealed that the consequences of dyslipidemia begin early in life. Coronary calcium was measured at 15-20 years of follow-up. After controlling for risk factors, high LDL cholesterol levels in young adulthood was strongly predictive of coronary calcium 20 years later (only 8%  when LDL was below 70 mg/dL vs. 44% when LDL was higher than 160 mg/dL).

PositiveTip: Even young adults need to eat a healthy diet, maintain ideal weight, and exercise throughout their lifetime.