Keep Moving!


Think you only need to be physically active once a day? We all know that daily moderate-to-vigorous physical activity is essential to good health and a long life. However, a new 12 year study of 17,013 Canadians 18-90 years of age reported that the higher the daily sitting time the higher the all-cause death rate.

Death rates in those who spent more of their time sitting, and or were obese had a significantly higher risk of death than those who did not spend much time sitting. Even those who were physically active during leisure time had a higher risk of premature death if they spent significant amounts of time sitting during their days, compared to those who sat less!

PositiveTip: When you need to visit with someone, invite the to go for a walk with you; or, when you need to make a phone call, do it on your cellphone while walking. Keep moving during major parts of the day.