High Calcium Intake May Actually Increase Risk of Hip Fractures

A newly published Swedish study of over 61,000 women who were followed for more than 19 years provides the strongest evidence to date that high calcium intake is not beneficial for preventing bone fractures. The exceptions are women with very low amounts of calcium and vitamin D in their diet. Women in the top 25 percent of calcium intake showed no reduced risk of fractures or osteoporosis. Instead, they actually showed a 19 percent increase in hip fractures. The lowest fracture risk was found in women with total calcium intake of about 800 mg per day. 

PositiveTip: Take a few minutes to calculate your daily calcium intake from food nutrition labels. Then, if you feel you need a supplement, take only what adds up to 1200 mg a day including what your diet provides. If you do take a calcium supplement, divide it into two small doses at separate meals.