Good News for Weight Cyclers?

Studies in recent years have suggested weight cycling may be associated with significant health risks, including a higher incidence of cardiovascular death.

A new study using data from the Nurses Health Study seems to suggest this is not necessarily so. Some 45,000 women were included in the study. Investigators classified those who lost 20 or more pounds at least three times as severe cyclers; those who lost 9.2 or more pounds as mild cyclers. During 12 years of follow-up, the cyclers had no higher risk of all-cause or cardiovascular mortality than the non-cyclers. However, the cyclers did gain more weight than the non-cyclers.

Positive Tip: While this report should comfort dieters whose weight cycles in their attempts to slim down, excess weight remains a risk for many diseases. A consistent, healthful diet is still the best way to corral those extra pounds.