Could the answer to obesity be as simple as drinking more water?

Researchers in Germany have found by promoting water consumption in grade schools, students do not gain as much weight. In the intervention schools one or two water fountains were installed, the students were given a water bottle at the beginning of the school year and again mid-term, and the teachers presented four prepared classroom lessons about the body’s need of water. In the control schools none of these changes were implemented.

At the beginning of the school year 24.5% of the children were overweight. At the end of the school year 23.5% of the children in the intervention schools were overweight and 27.8% of the control school children were overweight. This was a significant difference. The mean difference in reported water consumption between the two groups was about 8 ounces daily!

Certainly seems like encouraging children and their parents to drink more water is an easy and practical way to fight the growing obesity epidemic. How much water have you consumed today?