Breakfast: Meal of Champions

Many, many people skip breakfast either because they don’t take the time or they believe in the misguided notion that doing so will help them control their weight. Can eating a good breakfast really make a difference in your performance? Here are four reasons to consider:


  1. Breakfast matches your energy needs. After each meal our energy expenditures increase with the largest increase in the morning and the smallest in the evening. By eating more of the calories earlier in the day you burn more off.
  2. Breakfast limits calorie intake during the day. Impulse snacking and fat consumption is less among those who eat breakfast compared to those who skip it. 
  3. Breakfast helps to control weight. Those who eat breakfast regularly tend to weigh less than those who don’t.
  4. Breakfast can increase alertness and enhance memory. Those who consume a complex-carbohydrate rich, high fiber breakfast stay more alert during the morning; and improve their memory.
PostiveTip: Make your morning meal the best, most nutritious of the day.