Boost Your Energy Level with Exercise

Many humans today report they feel exhausted and tired most of the time. People who have well-defined medical conditions such as heart disease or cancer consistently report improved feelings of energy and less fatigue when they exercise regularly.

A recent six week randomized controlled trial of healthy young adults who reported persistent fatigue found improvements in feelings of energy. The subjects were randomly assigned to a moderate-intensity, low-intensity, or no treatment group. Participants visited the exercise lab three times per week for their exercise depending on which group they were in. Aerobic fitness was measured before and after the intervention.

Both the low-intensity and moderate-intensity groups reported beneficial improvements on their feelings of energy–whether or not they improved their level of fitness! Interestingly, their feelings of fatigue where dependent on the intensity of their exercise. 

PositiveTip: Just three days per week of physical activity will increase your energy by 20% and decrease your feelings of fatigue by 65%!