A Case for Balance in Body Weight

The media today informs us of the growing epidemic of obesity while at the same time placing great value in the beauty industry of the super-thin model. New research shows lowest death rates in those who are neither obese or super thin.
Oxford University investigators pooled data from 57 cohort studies with more than 900,000 individuals. Baseline BMI (body mass index) subsequent death rates were compared over an average of 8 years. For men and women and all ages, overall death rates were lowest in people with baseline BMIs between 22.5 and 25. These rates rose by about 30% for each 5-unit rise in BMI above this level and by about 25% for each 5-unit drop in BMI below this level. 
PositiveTip: To enjoy the best health and longest life make sure your body weight is just right–not too heavy and not to thin!