Positive Values Teens Need (part 1)

More on youth development and the 40 Developmental Assets needed by 12 to 18 year olds, as described by the Search Institute

1) Caring: where teens place a high value on helping other people.
Encourage your kids to donate coins—their own or ones you give them—to good causes.

Investigate volunteer opportunities in your community that you and your teen can do together, such as stocking food supplies at your local food shelf.

Affirm your teenager when he or she acts in ways that are caring or responsible. Teenagers need to hear that you’re proud of them and that their good choices make you pleased (even when you’re not happy with all their choices).

2) Equality and Social Justice: where teens place a high value on promoting equality and reducing hunger and poverty.
Together, choose an organization or group to support financially. Spend six months saving and then deliver your donation in person, if possible.

Begin teaching your child the importance of thinking about others who might not have as much as they do. Encourage your kids to “hand down” items they no longer use to charitable organizations or needy individuals.

Identify people (past or present) who have worked toward social justice. Discuss their impact on their community or the world.