Parental Connectedness – What Parents Provide

Father and SonThis is the fourth a series of blogs about the benefits of what research refers to as connectedness.

Since parent-child connectedness is defined by the quality of the emotional bond between parents/guardians and their children, by how mutual their bonding is, and by how long it lasts over time – it’s helpful to outline some important elements.

From the beginning, a parent needs to foster and provide:

  1. An atmosphere of trust, including physical and emotional support, openness, protection, and encouragement;
  2. Communication that signals (verbally or otherwise) love, affection, and warmth, allowing for the exchange of feelings and ideas;
  3. Appropriate structure, discipline, monitoring, and guidance that ultimately leads to responsible independence; and
  4. Shared time together that combines meaningful interaction, guidance, and support combined with plenty of laughter, play, and fun.

Is it time for a self-evaluation to see if your relationship with the kids in your life is characterized by these elements?