Parental Connectedness: Substance Use by Youngsters

Parents helping their children with homework.This is the fifth in a series of blogs about the benefits of connectedness between parents and children.

Research shows that :
“…among both older and younger teens, those who felt very connected to parents and other family members reported less frequent use of cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana. The presence of parents at home during key times of the day was associated with a lower likelihood of smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol among older teens (those in grades 9 – 12) and with a lower likelihood of marijuana use among both older and younger teens.”

Interestingly, researchers noted that parental presence did not have to occur at any particular time of day; instead, overall access to parents and general supervision seemed to be the main factors.

Here is just another example of parent-child connectedness works as a “super-protector.” That is, parent-child connectedness plays a very strong role in protecting your kids (grandkids, nieces, nephews) from engaging in high-risk behaviors.