Parental Connectedness: Related to School Connectedness

Lonely girl in a window seatThis is the eighth in a series of blogs about connectedness.

School-connectedness is a concept very similar to parent-child connectedness. In addition to time at home, parents can be involved in their children’s schools to strengthen school-connectedness and increase positive results for their youngsters.

ETR Associates is an organization producing information on how to help kids develop successfully and avoid many of the risks they face. They suggest that parents can assist schools in strengthening connectedness at school by:

  1. Creating a positive learning environment at home
  2. Communicating with the school regarding a child’s progress
  3. Participating or volunteering at the school
  4. Communicating with the school about a child’s learning activities at home
  5. Becoming involved in school decision-making or governance bodies
  6. Accessing community resources.

Their message is clear. Be involved in the lives of your kids, and also get involved in your kids’ school. There are measurable benefits!