How Tough Are You?

The other day while putting on my headphones for my daily bout of exercise, the head band snapped in two. They were less than a month old, and I had not used any undue exertion on them. When my exercise was finished, I went to the file and found my receipt so I could return them to the store. 

My headphones were not real expensive, and maybe that is why they broke. However, when we consider all the equipment and gadgets we use in life, many of them are rather fragile. Our cell phones can’t be dropped in water, or dropped hard for that matter. Our cameras are even more fragile. The laptops we use for our work and pleasure will shatter if dropped or sat on. Yes, there are some seemly indestructible devices like the “old” landline phone. 

When I think about these things it never ceases to amaze me how tough the human is! Of course, we have our limits, but generally we outlast cars, computers, phones, and most appliances. This is true in spite of bumps, bruises, and sometimes blatant abuse.

The Psalmist was right when he wrote: “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works.” (Ps 139:14). The complexity of the human body defies explanation, as even the most complex piece of machinery or electronics today pales when compared to us!

As a health scientist it also amazes me at how relatively simple it is to keep humans in working order. Perhaps in that simplicity is our greatest weakness. Because it is so simple we often give no thought to it–until we get sick. When something stops working, or doesn’t work as it used to, then we will turn heaven and earth to get it fixed!

Obviously, we can’t just trade ourselves in for a new model every couple of years. Nor can we economically or easily replace defective or broken parts. Preventive health at its very basis is rooted in the idea that we need to take care of what we have in the best  possible way.

This website, as its name suggests, is based on the philosophy of encouraging you to make PositiveChoices to preserve your health so you can be productive and enjoy life to its fullest. In this blog I will be commenting on simple, effective choices we all can make to care for ourselves in the best way possible–while providing the scientific rationale and reasons for doing so. 

So, for now, remember you may not be as tough as you would like. Make PositiveChoices today that will allow you to excel with life!