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The Story of Nuts

Nuts haven't always been as popular as they are today. Learn how nuts went from being a food that was frowned upon to becoming a key factor in adding years to your life.

Are You Stressed?

Feeling stressed and under too much pressure? Kevin Price shares a practical exercise to help you take the appropriate steps bring balance back to your life. You will be surprised and pleased to see how simple it really is!


Tired of repeating the same items from year to year on your resolution list? This month's HealthBitesHD discusses some practical tips on how to be successful in accomplishing your goals by better understanding how to improve your willpower. Watch it...

Health as an Act of Praise

At this time of year we sometimes lose the meaning of the season because we think only about the gifts. One of God's best gifts is health. Join Dr. Allan Handysides as he focuses on the meaning of this precious...

Too Much Fat

Evelyn Kissinger, RD, director of Lifestyle At Work in Michigan dynamically illustrates how easy it is to get a lot of fat in the diet. You will look at your food choices differently after watching this captivating episode.

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