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Too Much Sugar

How much sugar is in soda? In this episode, Evelyn Kissinger, RD, director of Lifestyle At Work in Michigan, gives a dynamic illustration of how much much sugar is in each soda. Your food choices are important. Make sure you...

Sleep Cold

Learn how you could lose some weight and save some money by turning down the thermostat in your home–especially at night. Many populations of the world are keeping their average room temperatures warmer that several decades ago–and they are the...

TV & Obesity

The obesity epidemic is growing around the world, fueled by overactive mouths and under active bodies! Learn how the number of hours of TV viewing can predict waistlines.

Stand Up!

Learn the importance of standing up and not spending the whole day sitting. Watching this will get you moving!

Dental Crowns

When you hear the term "dental crown" you may immediately think of dollars, or it may remind you of a pretty smile! This month Dr. Ron Forde from Loma Linda University discusses several important aspects of crowns including their purpose...

Squaring Off Life

Choosing a healthy lifestyle can not only increase life span, it can also significantly increase how well and productively those yours are lived. Are you "squaring off" your life?

God Bless You

Have you ever sneezed and someone said, "God bless you!" Learn in this episode how God indeed blesses us--and gives us good health.

Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

How much fiber are you getting in your diet? You might be surprised as you watch Evelyn Kissinger, RD discuss sources and amounts of dietary fiber in common foods. It's important for your health!

Too Many Vegetables?

We all know fruits and vegetables are good for our health! Watch as Dr. Elvin Adams explains the amazing impact of these foods from a very large European study known as, EPIC. It will encourage you to eat more veggies...

Essentials of Good Oral Health

Open your mouth this month as Dr Nick shares with us tips for keeping your mouth healthy.

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