Girls, Drugs, and Consequences

Boys certainly have potential issues with drug use at an early age but for this blog belongs to a series of posts dedicated to describing drug use issues among young girls.

  • The Office of National Drug Control Policy reportYoung girl taking pill.s that girls experience specific consequences of drug use. The study states that adolescent girls are susceptible to the physical, mental, and sometimes social consequences of substance abuse, especially during the critical teenage years when their bodies and brains are still developing. Some research shows that using marijuana can precede symptoms of depression. Girls in their mid-teens who use marijuana daily were 5x more likely to face depression and anxiety at age 21. 
  • Girls are more vulnerable to the health consequences of using substances, for example, they develop symptoms of nicotine addiction faster than boys.
  • Teenage girls who consume even moderate amounts of alcohol may experience disrupted growth and puberty.
  • Another recent study found that engaging in sex and drugs puts teens (especially girls) at risk for future depression.
  • Teen girls who binge drink are estimated to be as much as 63% more likely to become teen mothers.

Parents, teachers and mentors – pay attention to the choices of the young girls you care about, and seek help for them if you suspect any issues related to drug use or drinking.