Fructose and High Blood Pressure

The amont of fructose in the diet has increased dramatically in industrialized countries. High fructose corn syrup is a common source and is extensively used as a sweetener in soft drinks.Soda being poured into glass from can.

A nationwide survey of adults in the United States has found a strong association between increased intake of fructose and high blood pressure.

The study was based on a survey of 4528 adults who did not have a history of high blood pressure. The average dietary intake of fructose by the whole group was 74 grams a day. This is equivalent to two and a half cans of sugary soft drinks each day.

People who ingested more fructose than 74 grams a day showed an increase in high blood pressure. High fructose intake was found in 26% of those in the group who had blood pressure of 135/85 or higher. When looking at those with a blood pressure of 160/100 or higher, 77% had a high intake of fructose.

So if you cut out the sodas, your blood pressure will be more likely to remain normal.