Do Expensive Supplements Provide Real Healing?

Many people who spend hard-earned money on expensive nutritional supplements are mistakenly seeking a “natural” method of healing. The companies who sell these products know this, and spin their marketing to exploit it. You can learn more about “natural” doesn’t always mean natural if you wish.Fruit or capsules?

Some people today dream of a wonderful time in the past when all food was organic and no one ever used pesticides. Health problems were treated with folk remedies. Obesity was unheard of, and everyone got plenty of physical activity. And…the average life expectancy was a ripe old 35!

Remember, talk is cheap. It is much easier to make extravagant claims than to prove them correct. If a product sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Sellers of expensive supplements play on people’s desire for a more wholistic life, but may not be telling the whole story. They forget that the Christian life requires faith to actually trust God’s promises and commands. Too often, our goal becomes good health at any price, rather than God’s will at any price.

The Bible is abundantly clear that the world we live in and our bodies will not last forever. No supplement or food or combination of foods will cause us to live forever. That is impossible. Our responsibility is to trust the Lord as the source of true health and healing. He is the only true alternative to the pains and sufferings of this old world.

Can we not rely fully on the Lord and the abundance of good, wholesome, economical foods He has made available to us?

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