Dietary Fiber Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Its mortality rates have been greatly reduced by advances in diagnostic measures, surgery, and chemotherapy. But diet can play a role in preventing breast cancer altogether.

Higher estrogen levels in the blood are a risk factor promoting the development of breast cancer. Women eating a high fiber diet tend to have lower blood estrogen levels, and therefore have a lower risk.

An article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently reviewed the available data on diet and breast cancer. A total of 16,848 cases of breast cancer occurred among the 712,195 participants in the 10 prospective studies on dietary fiber intake and beast cancer.

A high-fiber diet reduced the risk of breast cancer by 11%. A dose-response was found, showing that for every 10 extra grams per day of dietary fiber, the risk dropped by another 7%.

Eating high fiber foods will definitely reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. Ellen White, a 19th century health reformer, must have recognized the benefits of a high fiber diet when she advised: “We need to keep more strictly to a simple diet of fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables.”  (Counsels on Diet and Foods, 329)