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Do We Need to Fear Fruit Sugar?

There is little fear about the sugars in whole fruit!

Information from the Australian Health Survey reveals those with higher intakes of whole fruit were 12% less likely to be obese than those with lower intakes. Those with higher intakes of sugar-sweetened soft drinks and chocolate were 9% more likely to be obese. There is no need to fear fruit sugar, although chemically similar, the combination of other nutrients and the overall diet probably account for the difference.

PositiveTip: Eat more fruits as they are an excellent source of many wholesome and necessary nutrients.

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Health Benefits Associated with Whole Grains

Whole grain cereal foods lowers the risk of chronic disease and helps weight control.

There is consistent scientific evidence that whole grain foods substantially lower the risk of CHD, diabetes, and cancer and help in weight management and digestive health. Working together macro- and micronutrients and phytonutrients present in whole grains contribute to their beneficial effects.

PositiveTip: Regularly incorporate 3-4 whole grain foods into your diet every day.

Daily Accountability Helps with Weight Loss

Two girlfriends smiling.Overweight and obese adults often find it difficult to lose weight and keep the pounds off. They need all the help they can get. Past posts in this series reported how Bible study and prayer can be very useful practices in losing weight, in addition to a regular program of diet and exercise.

A Best Weigh weight management program was recently conducted in Crowley, Texas. As part of the program, participants were encouraged to contact Seventh-day Adventist staff members every day to receive help and words of encouragement.