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The Halo Effect of 13 Vitamins

Are vitamins really a salve against the uncertainty of mortality?

They were first named "vital amines" by Polish biochemist Kazimierz Funk around 1912. Other suggestions of the time were "food hormones" or "food accessory factor." Would parents today insist their children get food hormones? Vitamin supplements are taken by half the American population--even though scientists have debunked this idea over and over. (A fascinating history of vitamins is available in Vitamania by Catherine Price.)

PositiveTip: Get your vitamins from the foods in a healthy diet. It is the best way!

Live Longer with Lower Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D written in sand

Studies of the role of vitamin D in human physiology indicate that vitamin D is involved in bone formation, the growth and development of immune cells, and stimulation or inhibition of blood vessels in cancer. Those who have lower levels of vitamin D are found to have higher death rates from heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and several kinds of cancer. Low vitamin D levels also adversely affect, multiple sclerosis, allergies, asthma, infections, and depression.

Supplements Fail Again

The British Medical Journal just published results from a study on how B-Vitamins and fish oil affect several cardiovascular diseases. The outcomes were disappointing.

Researchers studied 2501 individuals who were sick to begin with. All had experienced a stroke, heart attack or unstable chest pains. The study involved over 400 research physicians throughout France. 

People were randomly assigned to one of four groups, with various daily treatments: