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By Beholding We are Changed

Viewing gun use in PG-rated movies by children increased trigger pulls.

Children frequently mimic what they see in real life! Researchers randomized 52 pairs of children 8-12 years of age to watch a 20 minute PG-rated movie clip with or without scenes involving gun use. The pairs then played for 20 minutes in a room with toys and games. Hidden in a drawer was disabled handgun with a trigger sensor. Children who watched gun scenes held the gun longer and pulled the trigger more often. They also played more aggressively.

PositiveTip: What the eye beholds frequently translates into actions!

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Movie Violence Desensitizes Youth

Exposure to violence in movies may desensitize youth to real life violence.

Modern life provides much exposure to media and real life violence. Does this lead to desensitization emotionally and physically? College students were randomly assigned to view a series of violent or nonviolent high-action movie scenes. The researchers found cognitive and emotional empathy decreased in those watching higher levels of violence, compared to those viewing the non-violent movies, suggesting desensitization occurs.

PositiveTip: "The Lord examines both the righteous and the wicked. He hates those who love violence." Psalm 11:5 (NLT).

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Teenage Violence and Soda Consumption

Study says teens who drank 5+ soft drinks/week had more aggressiveness.

Boston high school students who drank more than 5 cans of carbonated non-diet sodas per week (30% of sample) was significantly associated with more violence with peers, family members and dates, and likelihood to carry a weapon. Even after controlling for gender, age, race, BMI, sleep, tobacco, alcohol use, and family dinners -- heavy soda drinkers were more likely to engage in aggresive behavior. Limitations were absence of caffiene data, self-reporting errors, and lack of socioeconomic data.

PositieTip: Sodas are totally unnecessary for health, add unneeded calories, and may impact negative behaviors. Limit or avoid them!

Parental Connectedness: Violence and Home Atmosphere

Parents fighting behind unhappy child.This is the sixth in a series of blogs about the benefits of parents and children connecting with each other.

There is an abundance of research on conditions at home that relate to violent behavior. They include early aggression and witnessing violence in homes and neighborhoods. Once children are victims of violence they may become perpetrators of violence.