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Extremes In Weight Increase Risk of Death

Underweight or overweight – both are hazardous to your health.

A recent meta-analysis of 51 studies comparing BMI and all-cause mortality found that underweight people are 1.8 times more likely to die than people with a healthy BMI. The same risk of death is 1.2 for obese people and 1.3 for severely obese people. The findings controlled for smoking, alcohol use or lung disease and excluded patients with existing chronic or terminal illness.

PositiveTip: Maintain a healthy weight through healthy diet and regular exercise to avoid an early death.

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Unhealthful Habits Increase the Risk of Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction associated with poor health habits

Danish researchers found that certain lifestyle habits were associated with sexual inactivity and sexual dysfunction. Women experienced increased risk of sexual inactivity when they were overweight and smoked tobacco; sexual dysfunction when they used hashish.  Risk for sexual dysfunction in men was associated with being underweight or obese, a large waist circumference, physical inactivity, high alcohol intake, tobacco smoking, and use of hard drugs (800% increase).

PositiveTip:  Avoid high-risk lifestyle habits to enhance every aspect of life.