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School Sports Improve Teens Mental Health

Playing team sports is associated with less depression and better self image in students.

Canadian researchers tracked the school sport participation and mental health of 853 students from grades 8-12. They found that after 5 years, those who were involved in teams sports at school had less depressive symptoms, lower perceived stress and a more positive self-image. Specific causes aren't clear, but researchers hypothesize it may be related to the social bonds fostered in playing together.

PositiveTip: Encourage your teen to join a school team sport they enjoy.

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Early Aerobic Fitness Yields Big Dividends

Fitness during transition from the teenage years to adulthood protects against heart disease.

A study of 743,498 Swedish men examined during conscription at about 18 years old has revealed those with lower aerobic fitness levels were significantly more likely to have a heart attack 30+ years later. The obese participants consistently experienced higher rates compared to their leaner peers regardless of fitness level.

PositiveTip: Family activities which lead to consistently greater fitness for teens support better health years in the future.