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Big Tobacco Continues to Survive

The tobacco industry continues to thrive in spite of being a major cause of death.

Despite the predictions of the demise of the tobacco industry, it continues thriving, increasing sales and profitability. In 2016, the five global leaders (excluding China) shipped 2.7 trillion cigarettes, more than 300 for every man, woman, and child in the world. Investors in those companies earned $19 billion in dividends. Sadly, tobacco stocks are a staple of the stock market.

PositiveTip: The only way to curb this death inducing activity is to stop consuming the product!

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CVS/pharmacy Kicking the Habit

Largest pharmacy in the U.S. will stop selling tobacco.

Bravo to CVS Caremark! The company has announced it will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products at its CVS/pharmacy stores by October 1, 2014. Company President Larry J. Merlo cited the inconsistency of selling these products with the purpose of the chain of more than 7600 stores nationwide. It is expected other retailers will follow this lead.

PositiveTip: Encourage CVS and other retailers to join the fight against tobacco!