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FDA Acts to Curb Tobacco Industry Deception

Bravo to the FDA for taking the tobacco industry bull by horns!

For decades the tobacco industry has decieved the public about the risks of light and low-tar cigarettes as safer alternatives. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has now taken action to require that any future health claims for tobacco products be supported by a wide range of sound evidence, benefit the public, and must be marketed in a way that does not increase youth tobacco use or discourage quitting. These new regulations will put the burden of proof on the tobacco manufactures to tell the truth.

PositiveTip: Strongly encourage young people to stay away from this deadly habit.

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Historic Legislation Passes Both Houses--Awaits President's Signature.

Smoking linked to 400,000 deaths annually in US, and citizens each pay $600 yearly.

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act now awaits President Obama's signature. Agencies and organizations who have for years fought against the tobacco industry are rejoicing at the outcome of new legislation (H.R. 1256) that will put the Food and Drug Administration in charge of regulating cigarettes and other tobacco products.

One of the major motivating forces behind the legislation is to reduce the huge human and financial burden caused by tobacco. It is estimated that every American pays over $600 per year to cover the health care price tag for tobacco-related illnesses--even if they do not smoke themselves--more than $100 billion per year.