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Cure High Blood Pressure with Diet and Exercise

I like really big population studies. The conclusions reached are valid and extremely accurate. Small studies with few participants are subject to many types of bias. The results of small studies are often debatable and not dependable.

The second Nurses’ Health Study enrolled 83,882 adult women 27-44 years of age. At the beginning of the study in 1991, all these women had normal blood pressure, (systolic 120 or less and diastolic 80 or less), and no diabetes, heart disease or cancer. These women were followed for 14 years through 2005. During the study, 12, 319 women developed high blood pressure and the rest didn’t.

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Meat Lover's Death Rates are Higher

That hamburger could be shortening your life!

A new National Cancer Institute study of over one-half million people reports those who eat the most red or processed meats have a higher death rate than those who eat the least.

if everyone ate like the one-fifth eating the least red and processed meat men would experience 11% less premature death, and women would experience 16% less!

Positive Tip: Those who ate the least red and processed meat consumed less than 5 oz. per week. They ate more fruits and vegetables, also.