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Marijuana Use Raises Risk of Psychosis

Adolescent marijuana use almost doubles rate of psychotic symptoms.

European researchers have found that those who used marijuana during their teens and early 20's were nearly twice (1.9x) as likely to experience psychotic symptoms when compared to those who did not use it. Continued use during the study period was associated with a doubled risk compared to nonusers, and predicted more episodes of psychosis later in life as well.

PositiveTip: Although often promoted as a harmless high, serious risks accompany the use of marijuana.

Marijuana Psychosis

Marijuana (cannabis) is the most popular illegal drug in the world. It is estimated that worldwide, over 160,000,000 people use marijuana every day.

Marijuana use can lead to psychosis.

Psychosis is a major mental disorder, impairing a person's ability to think, respond emotionally, remember, communicate, interpret reality and behave appropriately -- to a degree that the person can't meet the ordinary demands of life. Symptoms can include seeing, hearing, smelling, or tasting things that are not there; paranoia; and delusional thoughts. Depending on the condition, psychotic symptoms may be constant or might come and go.