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Exercise Reduces Risk of Kidney Stones

Moderate exercise significantly reduces kidney stone risk in postmenopausal women.

Choosing the minor discomfort of regular exercise may reduce the excruciating pain of kidney stones in women. Researchers studied the exercise and eating habits 84,225 postmenopausal women for a median of 8 years. They found that women who exercised more reduced their kidney stone risk by 31%. The equivalent of 4 hours of gardening per week or 3 hours of moderate walking per week cut kidney stone risk for these women.

Positive Tip: Make exercise a part of every day!

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Soy Milk Can Lower Risk of Osteoporosis

Soy milk shown equal to dairy in preventing osteoporosis.

Soy milk, fortified and consumed at least once per day, was as effective as dairy consumption in protecting against osteoporosis. This finding comes from a cohort of 337 postmenopausal women enrolled in Adventist Health Study 2. Those drinking soy milk had 58% lower odds of osteoporosis, and women drinking dairy milk at least once per day had 62% lower odds compared to women drinking dairy less than 2 times per week.

PositiveTip: When selecting soy beverages, make sure they are fortified with calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

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Recipe for Weight Loss

Pass the veggies and fruit, skip the desserts and red meat.

More than 400 postmenopausal women were randomly assigend to two groups: either a "lifestyle change" group, which included group meetings with professionals, or a health education control group. After 48 months of follow-up, 57% of the women in the lifestyle change group and 29% of the controls had maintained at least 5 pounds of weight loss. Multivariate analysis of both groups revealed that increasing fruit and vegetable counsumption and decreasing desserts, sugary beverages, and meat and cheese were associated with sucessful weight loss.

PositiveTip: Eat more veggies and fruit, and go light on desert and soda to lose weight. 

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Walking Improves Breast Cancer Survival

Brisk walking 3 hours a week improves postmenopausal breast cancer survival.

The Women's Health Initiative study conducted at Yale School of Public Health found that postmenopausal breast cancer survivors live longer if they walk briskly for three or more hours per week, compared to survivors who had low levels of activity. This held true even if the women had not been active before their diagnosis.

PositiveTip: Walking regularly is an excellent form of exercise with many health benefits. Try to walk 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes a day. Can't walk for 30 minutes straight? Then walk 10 minutes three times a day. It all counts toward improving your health!

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Exercise Benefits Postmenopausal Bones, Black Cohosh Doesn't

Exercise protects bones strength in older women, but black cohosh makes no difference.

The results of a year-long German clinical trial of 128 postmenopausal women discovered that women who exercise vigorously maintained bone density in their spines, and had a slight increase in density at the hip.

A subgroup of the exercisers who received black cohosh showed no benefit from the herbal supplement. Women who exercised lightly experienced declines in both measures of bone density.

PositiveTip: There is no substitute for regular, vigorous exercise for bone strength, including strength training.