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Still Get Big Sweet Drinks in NY

New York judge sours ban on the size of sweet-drinks.

Several months ago we reported that New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg intended to limit the serving size of sugar-laden sodas. Now a N.Y. Supreme Court judge has ruled that ban as unconstitutional and "fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences." Indeed there were loopholes in this proposed rule. Hot chocolate would have been limited to small or medium sized cups, but milkshakes of any size could be served (because they are more than 51% milk).

PositiveTip: Limit your intake of sweetened drinks by the choice yourself!

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Are Your Eyes Fooling You?

Would you eat more unpalatable food from a small or large container?

You eat only for flavor and freshness, right? Think again! Brian Wansink, PhD, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab has discovered serving sizes do indeed make a difference--even when foods are not palatable!

Moviegoers in Philadelphia ate 45% more fresh popcorn when they received it in a large container compared to those who received the same popcorn in a smaller container. However, when given stale, 14 day old popcorn they disliked, people still ate almost 34% more when eating from a large container compared to a smaller one. That is amazing!