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Farm-worker's Study Finds No Cancer Link in Glyphosate Use

Glyphosate: No statistical risk found for any type of cancer at any site.

Glyphosate is the most commonly used--and most controversial--herbicide globally. Follow-up done between 1999-2015 in the Agricultural Health Study (AHS), a prospective cohort of licensed pesticide applicators living in North Carolina and Iowa, found no association between glyphosate and any solid or lymphoid malignancies, including non-hodgkin lymphoma.  This data comes from the largest study of agricultural workers ever conducted.

PositiveTip: While one should always use due diligence in following exposure cautions, there does not appear to be any significant cancer risks to glyphosate use.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Food

“I’m afraid my food was grown in poor soil and doesn’t have the right nutrition.” “What if my food has been contaminated by pesticides?” “Will I get cancer from my food?” “Did someone irradiate my food?” “Do I need to avoid a certain types of food?”

These are questions heard by nutritionists every day from concerned people – who are misinformed. The misinformation comes from multiple sources: who have a “safer” product to sell, who have a “back to nature” agenda, who have done their research on fear-mongering web-sites. And some – also as fearful – are “helping” to spread “the truth” about the “dangerous” condition of food. The truth is – in general – food in the United States is safe.