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Lifestyle Matters!

Forty years of lifestyle changes in communities reduce morbidity and mortality.

A 40 year community-based effort in a rural Maine (U.S.) county to help residents control elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, stop smoking, eat healthfully, and exercise more appears to have yielded significant benefits. Compared with other counties in the same state, Franklin's residents have lower mortality rates and fewer hospitalizations resulting in savings of $5.4 million in hospital charges annually after adjusting for income.

PositiveTip: Simple, positive lifestyle changes yield big benefits over time!

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Fitness in Middle-age Improves Future Health

Better fitness is associated with lower risk for chronic conditions later.

Middle-age cardiovascular fitness pays off handsomely over the next 26 years! Participants (19,000) with a mean age of 49 were assessed for baseline fitness and health, then followed for 26 years. The 20% in the highest fitness category experienced only half the prevalence of chronic conditions (i.e. ischemic heart disease, stroke, diabeties, COPD, lung and colon cancer, Alzheimer disease) when compared to those in the lowest 20% of fitness.

PositiveTip: Physical fitness choices made today yield rich dividends for years to come.