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medicine side effects

They All Have Side Effects

Bottle of pills

Look at the folded paper, stapled to the professional white pharmacy bag, which instructs you on how to use the drug you just received. Or look at one of several websites which discusses various drugs or herbals that you might be taking. In either of these sources, did you notice, in addition to the “mechanism of action” and “how to use” sections, the “serious side effects” section? Every drug listed in the United States Pharmacopeia has side effects. And so do all the herbal medicines.

Mom Doesn’t Know Where She Is!

Older woman in a hospital bed.Carol Coultraine pushed through the double doors marked Coronary Care Unit. She had driven straight from work to see her mother, who had suffered a mild heart attack three days before.

Mother’s care has been excellent here, Carol thought as she walked down the now-familiar corridor toward the room where mother was recovering. For the last two days Mother had received multiple tests. Yesterday the heart doctors had done a cardiac catheterization and decided that mother only needed a stent to open up the artery in her heart.

A Healthy Dose of Reality

Blank pillsSometimes when it comes to drugs, medical procedures, and other healthcare choices - the media doesn't always give the whole picture.

One major drug company is trying to get a new pain medicine (a Cox-2 inhibitor), approved through the Food and Drug Administration. The drug relieves pain while decreasing the risk of stomach ulcers and bleeding – a common problem with aspirin and other pain medicines.