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The Value of Social Support

Loneliness may predict functional decline and death.

Those living by themelves or just feeling lonely have a 25% increased risk for all-cause mortality and cardiovascular death--especially in younger subjects (under 80). In another study, feelings of loneliness in those over 60 years of age were approximately 60% more likely to experience declines in their ability to carry out daily tasks. 

PositiveTip: Provide some social support to someone you know who is lonely. It may help them and you!

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Problems with Excess Internet Use

Tracking your Internet time might surprise you!

Research shows that psychological and social problems such as depression and loneliness are directly associated with "problematic Internet use".

Excessive use of the Internet can cause deficient self-regulation. Try keeping a log of your daily use of the Internet at home and review the amount of time you spend browsing each week. What you learn may surprise you!

PositiveTip: Regulate the amount of time spent on the Internet to help avoid depression and loneliness.

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Loneliness is Dangerous

Loneliness raises women's risk of heart disease by 76%.

Loneliness is dangerous stuff. When researchers at the University of Pittsburg studied it, they found that loneliness was associated with a 76% increased risk of coronary heart disease compared to women who were not lonely.

PositiveTip: If you feel lonely, try joining a social organization or a church where you can form solid, enjoyable relationships with other people.