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lifestyle changes

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Lifestyle Matters!

Forty years of lifestyle changes in communities reduce morbidity and mortality.

A 40 year community-based effort in a rural Maine (U.S.) county to help residents control elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, stop smoking, eat healthfully, and exercise more appears to have yielded significant benefits. Compared with other counties in the same state, Franklin's residents have lower mortality rates and fewer hospitalizations resulting in savings of $5.4 million in hospital charges annually after adjusting for income.

PositiveTip: Simple, positive lifestyle changes yield big benefits over time!

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Adult Lifestyle Changes Lower Heart Risk

Healthy lifestyle changes during young adulthood pay big dividends.

Five healthy lifestyle changes (not overweight/obese, low alcohol intake, healthy diet, physically active, nonsmoker) have been found to lower risk of heart disease in later life. Researchers found the opposite was true also: adding unhealthy habits or dropping healthy ones increased risks.

PositiveTip: Choosing good lifestyle habits, even in young adulthood, moderates the risk of heart disease during the lifetime.