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Briefly Interrupting Prolonged Sitting Beneficial

A few minutes of exercise can improve glucose metabolism.

Do you sit most of the day? A small, randomized crossover study has found that sendentary, non-diabetic, overweight volunteers significantly improved serum glucose and insulin responses to meals when they interrupted their sitting every 20 minutes with 2 minutes of light or moderate walking activity. More research is needed to determine the long-term benefits of brief interruptions to prolonged sitting, but there are probably no downsides!

PositiveTip: Get up and move around as much as possible during the day--even briefly!

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Fructose-sweetened Foods May Lead to Obesity

Fructose consumption seems to decrease hormones that control food intake.

Researchers found that normal weight women who consumed fructose-sweetened beverages lowered their 24-hour insulin and leptin levels as well as increased the post-meal triglyceride levels as compared to glucose-sweetened beverages. The hormones insulin and leptin help control satiety levels, and the authors suggested that high fructose intakes might lead to obesity.

PositiveTip: Most soft drinks and many sweet desserts are high in fructose, and would best be avoided.


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Sleep Apnea Induced By Insulin Resistance

Sleep apnea may be the result of how much fat is in your diet.

A growing body of evidence points to insulin resistance in humans as one cause of sleep apnea. When researchers fed nonobese rats a high-fat diet they developed insulin resistance and sleep apnea.  A second group of rats fed the same diet but given metformin (which increases insulin receptor sensitivity), prevented the elevated insulin levels and the sleep apnea.

PositiveTip: Choose a lowfat diet and keep the saturated fats to a minimum, especially from animal sources.


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High Fat, Sugar Intake Tilts Hormones Toward Weight Gain

High fat and sugar intake may change hormone secretion toward weight gain.

Diets with higher levels of fat and sugar appear to change hormone levels in favor of weight gain. Consuming high fat and sugar foods increases insulin and ghrelin, two hormones that are related to weight gain while decreasing leptin, which aids in weight loss.

PositiveTip: Consuming a vegetarian or Mediterranean type diet can aid efforts to lose weight.

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Active Women Eat More But Have Less Body Fat

Eat more -- but have less body fat!

Active women who walk the most steps per day have less body fat, lower BMI, and smaller waist circumference. They also have lower insulin levels and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity than less active women even though the more active women consume more calories, protein and carbohydrates. 

PositiveTip: Walking is a great weight control tool, and every step you take throughout the day counts.