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Suicidal Thoughts Associated with Insominia

Long-term lack of sleep increases risk for suicide.

Researchers analyzed merged data from 471 people and found a significant increase in the risk of suicide among those who got less sleep. For each one hour increase in sleep duration there was a 72% decrease in the likelihood of moderate/high suicide risk. Apparently sleep mediates a synergy between insomnia, depression, and suicidal thoughts. (This data was presented at SLEEP 2013 and is awaiting publication.)

PositiveTip: Evidence continues to point to the value of adequate sleep. Are you getting enough?

Are You Sleepy (At Night)?

Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep? Nearly one-third of Americans say they have sleeping problems! These issues are often exacerbated during the busy holiday season. Feeling tired and irritable are not the only symptoms of poor sleep. Evidence is accumulating strongly suggesting that lack of sleep may even be helping to fuel the current obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome epidemics:

Many supplement manufacturers are now touting valerian and melatonin as safe, effective alternatives to prescription sleeping pills. However, research tells another story. A careful review of nine valerian studies concluded that there was little evidence these products can help you sleep better.